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The Beautiful Game 
 British Council

The Beautiful Game is a new series of web comics which follow a team of teenage footballers. About their adventures and how they deal with different social issues in their neighbourhoods.

The Beautiful Game é uma nova série de quadrinhos da web que conta sobre um time de futebol de adolescentes. Trata sobre suas aventuras e como lidam com diferentes questões sociais em seus bairros.



This story is about Lucas and his friends. Lucas lives in a city in Brazil in an area called Morro Verde (Green Hill). He has just moved there and doesn't have any friends yet. In this story, Lucas wants to put a football team together, but Rafael wants to stop him.


In this issue, Coach Orlando tells Lucas a story about Bryan, who joined a local gang and learned a painful lesson. 


In this issue, Filipe learns that everybody needs to think about what they share on their mobile phone and on social media networks. 


In this issue, Filipe learns how healthy eating can improve his performance on the pitch and bring his family closer together.

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